Snap-on-Smile is a removable dental appliance, a custom-made and at the same time affordable solution for men and women to start smiling without being self-conscious of their teeth.


With snap on smile you just cover your teeth whenever you want. The appliance snaps over your natural teeth without covering either your gums or your palate and has a natural feeling in comparison with other dental appliances. Plus the appliance uses the shape of your natural teeth to stay in place and you don’t need any kind of adhesives.  What is great about Snap-on-Smile is the material which it is made of. It’s specialized resin ((crystallized acetyl resin) which makes it thin and sturdy, ideal to look like and to function like your natural teeth. Its material, also, is stain resistant!


You choose the style and the color you want, we take the impressions and in a few days you will just fit snap on smile over your teeth and there you go! Smile!




  • is an alternative option to veneers. If you want to know how your look will be with veneers you can just try Snap-on-Smile and decide what is best for you.

  • is affordable

  • is a non-invasive dental treatment which means that no drilling or injections are involved.

  • is a perfect solution to patients who can’t have dental implants for medical reasons.

  • You can eat and drink without any problem.

  • A perfect solution for tooth grinding.


The cons of choosing Snap-on-Smile

Most dental problems and conditions are not only cosmetic issues but usually have a serious impact on our oral health. Snap-on-Smile a good start for you to gain back your confidence but you also must consider permanent treatments that will benefit your oral health.

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