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Digital Smile Design

Your natural perfect smile


Do you start your day with a warm genuine smile?

How many times a day do you smile or laugh?

Is anything more beautiful and charming than a bright smile?


If your answer to the first question is no. If your answer to the second question is none. And if your answer to the third question is yes. Then, it is time to start considering to transform your daily life and in the long-term your well-being by starting to smile.


And if you think that something is bothering you regarding the appearance of your smile, your teeth, their shape, alignment, their color or more importantly their condition, we can co-design your natural perfect smile.


Digital Smile Design


In Vitaliteeth Dental Spa in Edinburgh,  we use one of the newest digital technologies in cosmetic dentistry called Digital Smile Design (DSD). It is a step beyond the traditional dentistry because with Digital Smile Design we can recreate your smile by identifying the relation between your facial features and your teeth, gums and lips. Digital photography, digital videos and impression scanners help us analyse your facial features in order to achieve the perfect combination of dental restorations and your expectations. In every step of the procedure the patient, you, have an active role, since you will stop imagining a perfect smile but instead you will see it first in digital form and in reality at the end of the treatment.


The procedure of Digital Smile Design


  1. Exam your teeth, their shape, alignment, colour, position and your facial appearance.

  2. Take photos inside and outside your mouth (intraoral and extraoral photos) and impressions of your teeth.

  3. Make a video while you speak to see your facial movements and your natural smile.

  4. Use the photos, the impressions and the videos to design digitally your perfect smile.

  5. Plan your dental cosmetic treatment.


The results of Digital Smile Design: Your natural perfect smile


With DSD we can design a smile that fits you, since the days that patients were looking to have the same “Hollywood Smile” are over. People nowadays know that our natural smile with its imperfections is the perfect smile. The shape, the length, the position or the shade of our teeth is different and much our facial features and even our skin colour. With DSD your dental treatment is absolutely customised and we can pre-decide if we are going to use veneers, dental crowns, bridges or dental implants. Even if you just want to whiten your teeth,DSD can be helpful to make a choice of your preferred tone and to pick the most appropriate teeth whitening method. And of course, using DSD to design your perfect smile the whole dental treatment is less stressful because you have already viewed the final results.

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